Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Leo, The Oscar, and Social Media

As many of you know Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar Sunday night at the Academy Awards. In his sixth nomination Leo finally pulled it off with his performance in The Revenant, where he played a man determined to seek revenge on his betraying partner. Its been long discussed the fact that Leo should have won an Oscar by now, after all he has been apart of some of the greatest movies of his generation. He just couldn't get past that one movie every year that blew people away, and appealed more to the critics, rather than the movie goers.

With the Oscar win comes the acceptance speech, usually rushed, Leo was allowed to deliver exactly what he wanted because after all it was the moment we had all been waiting for, and Leo delivered a great speech, and even took the time to compare The Revenant to global warming. Whether or not one believes in global warming, they cannot deny that DiCaprio was flawless, absolutely classy, which he has shown in years where he didn't win as well. With a speech as fitting for the moment as his, it blew up the social media world and it wasn't long before it broke records of its own.

Leo's acceptance speech began to rack up the twitter traffic immediately. It wasn't long before everyone was talking about it on all platforms, but especially on Twitter and Facebook. The speech was so heavily discussed that it actually broke the record for most tweets per minute for an Oscar related moment. With a whopping 440,000 tweets per minute, breaking the record of the Star studded Ellen selfie from 2014 (255,000 per min.)

With that being said, I lift a huge congrats to one of my favorite actors, and to his moment to shine with the biggest award his industry has to offer. Take a look below at his speech from Sunday night.

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