Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dude Perfect: The Perfect Job

The 1st time I saw a Dude Perfect video I thought it was really cool, guys doing trick shots with a basketball and a home camera. Then the next time I saw a video, wow, had they made strides. Not only with the tricks that they did but with the videography, followers, they had become a big deal. If there is an example of a social media success, you would be hard pressed to find one more successful than Dude perfect.

Beginning in 2008, they posted a video of basketball trick shots and within a week they had 100,000 views on youtube. Today they have over 8.5 million followers on YouTube. Nearly 16.5 million of their app games have been downloaded, as well as nearly 16.5 Facebook followers. With Instagrams popularity growing their 2.2 million is surely to grow as well. Also Cory Cotton one of the founders has written a book, Go Big, which speaks on some of the things that they have learned building a business in an age driven by social media.

Today they have grown so big that they actually are in the business of consulting and helping different companies, and even celebrities, endorse their companies and image. An example of this is, Tyreke Evans, Sacramento Kings player who they helped to endorse his Rookie of the Year bid, through shooting a video with him. The names are endless from athletes to musicians, or using a new product a company has released. Here are some of the companies that they work with to promote their business and products.

To say they have used social media to their advantage would be an understatement. They have built their business completely through Social Media. This is the perfect job for many guys like me, and these guys did it with a little athletic ability, a camera, and social media platforms.
Enjoy a video or two here:

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  1. Nice post. It's crazy how in today's society anyone can get famous through the Internet. These dude-bros have established a household name for themselves, and I've also seen them progress over the years. I've always wondered how many shots they had to do before getting it right, but whatever.. Dude Perfect! haha