Tuesday, February 2, 2016

'Not My Cup of Tea: Why Guys Like 'Me' Suck At Blog Posts

First things first, I write this with the knowledge that in todays world blogs are all the rave. With that I mean no disrespect to anyone who blogs on a regular bases, or for people who truly enjoy reading quality blogs. For me they are simply 'not my cup of tea'.

Born and raised a mans man, I have never found myself cooped inside for very long, especially spending time around electronics and the sort. I would have rather been outside adventuring the woods down the street or as I got older, riding around my small town finding out just how we could get in trouble 'this time'. This didn't allow for much time on social media, so I never found the love for it as many of my generation have. As the times have evolved and smart phones have become a stronghold in most everyones life, I must admit that I too have found myself with multiple social media outlets. Ones that I spend too much aimlessly scrolling through, hoping to find an interesting article or two. Mainly I spend my time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, and while doing so I have noticed more and more people posting personal blogs, or having links to their blogs on their Instagram page.

I know that its a good thing to be published, and to have your thoughts on matters shared with the world, but for me its just 'not my cup of tea'. I often times are uninterested in someones blog about how love failed them, and that their next will be better than the last. Or that your college years have been full of stress, and that you scratched and clawed all night to squeeze every second of time into studying for a test. (Yet you had time to write some long drawn out blog at the same time.) I just wasn't born to want to express my feelings and thoughts to the world, not that there is anything wrong with it, but with that it means I and probably a lot of other guys like me don't care to read yours either. I just feel that if we spent as much time with friends that we do stuck in our phones or laptops writing our feelings via blog, we would be a lot better off as a society.

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